Reasons to love Malaysia

The people are the nicest you will ever meet 
Seriously, I don’t think I ever met more friendly people than I did in Malaysia. Sometimes they’re a bit shy, but I make up for that with my enthusiasm and spontaneousness. I say hello, I wave and I make jokes. They love it. They are always prepared to help one another. Malaysian people love to laugh and so do I. A match made in heaven.


The nature is beautiful
Living close to one of the biggest airports in South-East Asia (KLIA), it’s very easy to travel to any country in the world I would want to. So why not go to all of the neighboring countries, right? Well, because Malaysia has so much to offer. Most people use Kuala Lumpur only as a short stop and stay a day or two before traveling further. To all those people I would say: you have no idea what you’re missing. The rural inland, the oh so beautiful east coast islands, the overwhelming jungle… Just a few examples of the things you should really explore in Malaysia


The food is delicious
And how could it not, as Malaysia is home to not only the Malaysians, but also a big group of Chinese Malay and a big group of Indian Malay? Gosh, the amount of food you can choose from, I don’t even know where to start. You can live your whole life in Malaysia and still don’t have enough time to taste all the good stuff.


The weather is great
If you can avoid the monsoon of course. Don’t go to the east coast during monsoon. You’ll die (or just get really really wet).


They have so many animals 
A stunning 1/3 of ALL ANIMALS EXISTING can be found in Malaysia. Elephants and tigers are still living their daily life here (although their population is threatened), and on Borneo you can visit the Oerang-Oetangs. Don’t even get me started about all the species you can find in the jungle (tapirs, black scorpions, snakes, just to name a few).


So many activities
For people who like to move their asses, Malaysia is definitely one to consider. With the many mountains in this country, hiking is amazeballs for instance. But also swimming, diving, snorkeling or, and that might even be the most important ones here, golf and cricket can be done all over Malaysia. Don’t miss out!


Their motto is Malaysia Boleh
Which means something like “it can happen in Malaysia”. They are damn right!



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