Two years of love

IMG_3414Two years of love. Never have I loved someone this long. Never was the desire to be with someone this big. Never have I been so sure of a future with someone. But you are you. And only you are my future.

You made me weak. Never have I let a guy come so close to me. But it’s a good weakness. I let all my guards down and I don’t even care anymore. Because you are you. And only you are allowed to make my weak. Like I made you.

Never have I been bursting so much from energy when someone comes home. Never have I been so happy when someone kisses me. Never did I feel such a great strength to work for a relationship like I do now. But you are you. And you are worth working for.

We have our ups and downs. And we already made some pretty big decisions in the two years that we share our lives together. But they all worked out. Never was I so determined to leave everything behind to go on an adventure. But you are you. And this is the greatest adventure ever.

Never have I hated someone so much at times. But never was the hate so misplaced. Never was the hate coming out of deep love. Never was it hate because I wanted us to be on the same page. But you are you. And only the same page is good enough for me.

Sometimes I can feel insecure. Because you are criticising me. Because your tone of voice is not the way I like it to be. Because you are the strong and rational one and I am the emotional one. But you are you. And only you are allowed to be part of all the emotions I experience.

Never has someone been so good to me. Never did someone care this much about how I was feeling. How I was doing. What I wanted in my life. Never did interfering with my life felt so good. But you are you. And you can interfere anytime.

Two years of love. Sometimes it feels like two decades. Sometimes it feels like two months. Two years of love. You are you. And you are the only one I want to love for the rest of my life.


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