YC – Things I have no interest in

ea6e7cab6505c57f16f6a7c12067b4dfSome time ago, I’ve turned to my Facebook page and asked you guys the question: “What do you want me to write about”? Of course life became busy and after a few months I stopped writing about your suggestions. But I actually really liked writing about stuff you want to read about, so I just decided to start again. Easy as that. Because I am the boss of this blog. Duh.

My dear friend Judith asked me to write about “Kim Kardashian and other stuff that you have no interest in”. Since I am very fond about lists, this blog will be a list. Because I am the boss of this blog. Without further ado, here is that list. Of things I have no interest in.

Kim Kardashian
Indeed I have no interest in Kim Kardashian. From what I can see and read, I don’t think she is a very intelligent person. I’m not sure if I can talk to her about nuclear reactors or climate changes. I am on the other hand very interested in Scott Disick, because he is funny as hell.

Petting dogs
Please don’t hate me, dear world. I just don’t feel a connection with most dogs on this planet. It’s because of a simple reason: dogs smell bad. I don’t like to smell bad. I don’t like to pet dogs, because then my hands will smell bad. If the dog in question is small and doesn’t smell, I am his or her best friend tho.

Never has anything bored me more than math. I know it’s good for you and your education and bla bla bla, but math sucks you guys. It makes me yawn.

Mountain climbing
I am extremely afraid of heights. That’s why I have absolutely no interest in mountain climbing. Which sucks, because you can do a lot of great mountain climbing in Malaysia. But it’s not fun for anyone if I keep crying all the way up.

It just never fascinated me man. When I was around six years old, we learned knitting at school. Already was I bored and did not pay attention in class. I would secretly hide a book somewhere on my leg and pretend to be focussed on the kitting wear, but was actually reading. I was such a badass.

Stamp collecting
Why on earth would you collect stamps and put them all together in a book instead of putting them on an envelope you want to send to somewhere in the world? Like, what is the fun of licking on the back of a stamp and gluing it to a piece of paper? Can anyone please elaborate?

I just don’t get it. The end.


2 Reacties op “YC – Things I have no interest in

  1. I think Kim K. would say “Climate change, my ass.” hihi
    Mijn hond stinkt trouwens wel, maar hij vind het prima dat je hem niet aait. Want jij zegt dingen zoals “I’m the boss of this blog”, en dat vind hij grappig.
    Dit was een nuttige reactie.
    ps. BREIEN op school?

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