Holiday Photo Diary

It’s been two days since we came back from our holiday to The Netherlands and Belgium, but it feels like two weeks already. This weekend was full of saying goobye to people who are leaving Malaysia, which is not fun after you just said “see you later” to your family and friends back home. But since I’m super jetlagged, I have been coping with everything quite well, because I’m too tired to think about anything else than my bed (and all the work I still have to do). Anyway, I thought it would be nice to give you all a look in our Holiday Photo Diary.

Sunday September 6th


Yeay! We arrived safe and sound! Time for cuddles with the parents and to not fall behind, time for a workout on my mom’s crosstrainer!

IMG_6700 IMG_6698At night, it was time for dinner with my “Indo Mom” and our friend Jennifer. My Indo mom did not want to cook Asian since we eat that almost every day already, so she made a delicious autum table with shepard pie, sweet potatoes, roast meat and many more good stuff. It was even more perfect because of the rainy weather.

Monday September 7th


This one probably missed me the most. Time for cuddles! After this mourning routine, we went to play some Scrabble with my grandmother- and father. They also made mussels for lunch, yum! At the end of the afternoon, we went to pick out glasses… To be continued 😉

Tuesday September 8th & Wednesday September 9th 

No pics here, but on tuesday “De Belg”, as I like to call my bf, went to Alkmaar for his work, yes, even on holiday. At night we had dinner with my father. Wednesday we did some shopping for the wedding.

Thursday September 10th


After years of engagement, the moment was finally there. My brother and sister in law got married! It was an amazing day and an amazing night. I will never forget these precious moments that we shared, and I will never forget my tipsy mom dancing like her life depended on it 😉

Friday September 11th
Nothing much, as you can imagine…

Saturday September 12th 


It’s my birthday! I was super excited to be turning 26. Not because I am getting older, but I always liked my birthday. The attention is ALL FOR ME! Could it get any better? Well yes, because I got some amazing presents. My mom was cooking all day and we had a delicious meal with our loved ones.

Sunday September 13th

My niece turned 5! And like her auntie, she loves her birthday and she loves the attention. We had a very pleasant afternoon. At night it was time to go to Antwerp and finally eat some fries. Watch the vlog about september 13th here.

Monday September 14th


The only day we had nothing planned! So we decided to go to Brugge. Watch the vlog here.

Tuesday September 15th 


Lunch and drinks with our friends Kaj and Smollie (nope, not his real name). We had some extra time with Kaj since we brought him home to Turnhout. After that, we went to our friends Aafje en Dirk and their kids for dinner. It was so nice to catch up and we realized even more that it’s not only fun living abroad. You do miss your friends so much, because you only get a few hours every year with them. Luckily we have technology in this modern world 😉

Wednesday September 16th


YES! The moment where we’ve been waiting for. We took De Belg’s cousins to Technopolis, which you could describe as some sort of playful research centre. Not only fun for the guys, also for us. We went to pick them up at the schoolyard, which they did not expect. So much fun to see the look on their faces! ❤ After our long day of playing and discovering, we had dinner at my mother-in-law’s with De Belg’s broer and sister-in-law.

Thursday September 17th


De Belg is celebrating his birthday! We went to see his grandmother first, unfortunately she was asleep. We then went to his aunt where we also saw his cousin with her two baby boys. Lots of catching up! At night, we went for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant in Antwerp, I Famosi.

Friday September 18th 

IMG_6894 IMG_6905Let’s fly, let’s fly away! De Belg’s uncle is a certified pilot and promised to take us in his CESSNA once. It was one of the most scariest things I’ve ever done (as you can see on my face after landing), but also one of the coolest thins I’ve ever done. After our trip we went to visit an old friend, at night we had dinner with De Belg’s family from his fathers side.

Saturday September 19th

IMG_6918 IMG_6932 IMG_6934 IMG_6935

Our friends Angela and Misja came over from Amsterdam. Well, technically they are friends of my brother and sister-in-law, but every time we saw each other, we clicked. So it was a very spontaneous plan, but it worked out so well. On saturday we had brunch at De Belg’s father, and so Angela and Misja just walked around in the city. We met up with them later, went for Belgian beers and for dinner. Ofcourse followed by some partying, along with many other friends from Antwerp.

Sunday September 20th


Sleepover time! Our friends Killia & De Geyskes, as we like to call him, have bought a wonderful house last year so ofcourse we wanted to spend the night. As you can see, the boys were in good form…

Monday September 21th

IMG_6946 IMG_6952During the day, we played midgetgolf (mini golf?) with Killia, De Geyskes and their beautiful daughter Maria-Elena. Ofcourse I won (NOT). It was hard to say goodbye to them, but I was heading to some more friends. One of them just bought a new apartment, so obviously we decided to drink loads and loads of wine there. An amazing last night in Antwerp.

Tuesday September 22th

IMG_6963-1 IMG_6989





I met with my parents at Rotterdam Central Station, and we walked over to get some lunch at the always lovely Witte de Withstraat. After that, we were heading to de Kunsthal, where we visited the Keith Haring: The Political Line exposition. So glad that I saw it! It gave me a lot to think about.

Wednesday September 23th

IMG_7019 IMG_7017-1Stijn came back from Antwerp in the afternoon and we went to pick up our new glasses. I am so happy with them and the world is so much more clear now. It was already our last night in The Netherlands, since we were flying out thursday. We had dinner at a cosy Italian restaurant, where we met my so called godmother (we made this up a few months ago but it feels so true since I’ve known her almost all my life). After that, De Belg and I met up with our friends Nathalie and Marcel. We had such a good time catching up and drinking wine… 😉

Thursday September 24th 


Time to say goodbye 😦 Thanks everybody for taking the time to meet up with us, and sorry to everybody we couldn’t see. Better luck next time!

Friday September 25th


And what do you do when you are back home, after taking a shower and unpacking? MALAYSIAN FOOOOD, WE MISSED YOU!



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