12190894_10208071382120164_3708023230597105563_nThe people that know me well, also know that 3 is my lucky number, which is very inconvenient since I have OCD and symmetry and balance are my worst tics. Constantly I’m having trouble to decide if I want three kisses (normal way of saying hello in The Netherlands, the only problem is you start right, than left, than right again) or two because it makes me feel like I’m balanced. Usually I go for two and ask The Belgian to give me a kiss on the lips to be 1. in balance and 2. kissed three times.

Anyway, this is actually a very long and unnecessary intro to the rest of this blog. Because I just wanted to fill in this tag that I came across on the internet, and which is a nice way of knowing a little bit more about me. I just hád to do this tag because, you can guess it already, for every question you have to give THREE answers. Yeay!

I go by

  1. Roxanne
  2. Rox
  3. Fox(y)

Three places I lived

  1. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  2. Antwerpen (Belgium)
  3. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Three places I have worked

  1. On the Rox Producties
  2. KLIP Advies
  3. HMC

Three things I love to watch

  1. Animals. In real life, on my television screen, I don’t care as long as I look at them.
  2. People being people. Sit down on a terrace, have a cup of tea and just analyze what’s in front of me.
  3. My niece and nephew playing. Cutest thing.

Three places I have been

  1. Shanghai. Definitely the most impressive city I have visited!
  2. Sydney. I still can’t believe I got the chance to visit my bestie who lives there.
  3. Berlin, my favorite city in Europe (although I almost put Madrid here, tough choice).

Three things I love to eat

  1. Bananas! I am addicted.
  2. Seafood. Everything seafood. I don’t care as long as it’s seafood.
  3. BELGIAN fries… 😉 Not French ladies and gentlemen.

Three people I think will respond

  1. My grandmother.
  2. My mother in law.
  3. Hopefully a friend otherwise I will kick your asses!

Three things I am looking forward to

  1. Hearing the news of where we are going to move next (better said: IF we are going to move).
  2. My brother and one of my best friends visiting next week.
  3. Being the healthiest version of myself in a few months! And showing that off at the wedding of our dear friends K. and C. ❤

2 Reacties op “Three

    • Hahaha Stijn zei precies hetzelfde! 😂 Maar ik ben ook wel naar meer dan drie plekken geweest en op meer dan drie plekken gewerkt. Volgens mij moest je gewoon wat kiezen? Nouja, zo heb ik het opgevat haha

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